29 November 2008

On The Road

On Friday I took my Mum down to Heathrow as she is going out to Australia for 2 and half months. Actually saying I took her down is probably stretching the truth - I sat in the passenger seat as she drove down to Terminal 5 and then I drove her car back up to Cambridgeshire. Travelling back was practically without a hitch except at the Black Cat Roundabout where my subconscious told me that I would much rather go the Milton Keynes Ikea than back to Buckden I was nearly at Bedford before I could turn around again. Mum has put us on her insurance so for a brief two and half months we are going to be a two car household which will be nice.

A tenant has been found for my old flat so we did some more work on it today - I say we actually I mean Simon. He headed off to start work while I pottered around Mum's house making sure that everything that should be switched off was switched off and that nothing would go nasty in the fridge in the meanwhile. I also had to do some shopping for lunch and other stuff, by the time I had finished that, Simon was almost finished with the painting so almost a perfect division of labour. We topped off the DIY day by ordering a carpet for the bedroom - green, hard wearing and cheap. It will be the first carpet in the room in over ten years.

1 comment:

  1. Good news on the flat then Jane.
    Hows the house search going? or is that on hold for now?
    Hugs, Sophie.