05 November 2008

The Next President Of The United States

I am surprised at how happy and moved I am that Barack Obama has won. That such a progressive Democrat has won, is excellent, that they weren't that impressed with Palin's "gee wizz jus' an ordinary gal" act hopefully shows that the American electorate have rejected the idea that being president is the job for an incompetent. That Barack Obama is going to be the first president whose surname ends in a vowel other than e should give heart to all "hyphenated Americans" And that Barack Obama is going to be the first black person to be President of the United States is absolutely, completely and utterly fabulous.
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  1. You forgot presidents William McKinley (25th) and John F. Kennedy (35th). Source http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/US_Presidents

  2. Yup you're right I forgot Y although I could argue in this case y was acting as a consonant in this case ;)