15 October 2007

Turing Test - xkcd

As Neil from the Young Ones would say "Like, Wow."

Turing Test - Wikipedia


  1. I remember a short story published in Practical Computing, in 1982 I believe, where a depressed and lonely man bought an Eliza type machine - as 'someone' to talk to, to keep him company.

    It talked him into commiting suicide

  2. If you are interested in Turing Test, you may be interested in Turing Test Two. If you are bored of Turing Test, you might be interested in Turing Test Two:

    In Turing Test Two, two players A and B are again being questioned by a human interrogator C. Before A gave out his answer (labeled as aa) to a question, he would also be required to guess how the other player B will answer the same question and this guess is labeled as ab. Similarly B will give her answer (labeled as bb) and her guess of A's answer, ba. The answers aa and ba will be grouped together as group a and similarly bb and ab will be grouped together as group b. The interrogator will be given first the answers as two separate groups and with only the group label (a and b) and without the individual labels (aa, ab, ba and bb). If C cannot tell correctly which of the aa and ba is from player A and which is from player B, B will get a score of one. If C cannot tell which of the bb and ab is from player B and which is from player A, A will get a score of one. All answers (with the individual labels) are then made available to all parties (A, B and C) and then the game continues. At the end of the game, the player who scored more is considered had won the game and is more "intelligent".