13 October 2007

Al Gore - Nobel Laurete

Well congratulations are due to Al Gore and his posse on the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) for winning the Nobel Peace Prize for their efforts to build up and disseminate knowledge about man-made climate change". For a politician he's doing very well with the non political awards collection. His neighbours are going to have serious mantelpiece envy.

Of course there is a huge suspicion that Al and team got the award this year because the Swedish committee knew exactly how much it would get up the nose of some of the non-reality based community in the US. I know that not every Climate Change Doubter is a fundamentalist, faith based, SUV driving, mouth breathing right winger, but I've not heard of a fundie who does subscribe to the hypothesis that humanity has increase the rate of change in the climate.

I've not actually seen the film, but I do find the idea that man's activities have increased the amount of climate change to be credible. But besides that point we should be looking to decrease our carbon footprint because the hydrocarbons we all rely on so much are a finite resource so we should be trying to eke them out for as long as practicable.


  1. I'm just sceptical about it contributing to peace...

  2. Ohhhh this has caused a poop storm over here.

    The fundies are just brainwashed into being anti all things science, for science is of the Devil. All science wants to do is discredit the Bible - for Satanic reasons.

    The real reason this climate thing scares the crap out of the right wingers is the economical implications. You see, it will get in the way of business as usual. It will get in the way of making money. Capitalism can not function as it does now without growth - and conservation (using less) means negative growth.

    So they will do anything - ANYTHING - to discredit the evidence.

    It is all about money. The fundies are just being used.