16 October 2007


I'm here in Stockholm, sat in my hotel room after a meal at a near by Mongolian BBQ restaurant, it wasn't bad, pretty good value for money for an all you can eat and they did excellent green Thai curry. My hotel room is small but perfectly formed and there is free wifi in every room as well as a complementary bath towel and proper flannels in the bathroom and a phone for some reason. My room overlooks the central atrium of the hotel, the lobby below is lit up with blue lights, its rather ethereal.

As to what Sweden looks like, right now I've not got the foggiest, we got here in the dark as the flight was an hour late taking off from the UK we haven't ventured far from the hotel tonight so have no feel for the place. Tomorrow we are going to spend most of the day at the company we are here to visit and most likely it will be dark by the time we leave their site. I might get to see a little bit of Stockholm on the last day before we head off back to the airport.


  1. Still, more exciting than the occasional training course in Wakefield with my job.

  2. Ohh yeah, definitely although Wakefield isn't all bad. I'm not complaining at all in my last post all I ever got was to go to Stevenage and that very quickly lost any attraction.

  3. Wakefield? Eee, you were lucky!