10 October 2007


This evening I have been mostly dyeing my hair. I'm waiting the 15 minutes before I can wash the dye out of my hair and off my cheeks, neck, ears, nose and arms. Right now I look a bit piebald. Hopefully in an about half an hour's time I won't look so grey.


  1. just natural?

    or something more outlandish?

  2. Not grey, Jane. "Platinum blonde" or so my father used to tell me!

  3. A bit of grey can look quite cool. You need to know how to wear it.

    I'm quite pleased that my family genetics point to greyness rather than baldness - unlike some younger friends who are already thinning :)

  4. louche - just natural so dark brown.

    Platinum blonde may work for someone with blonde hair to start with but for me it stands out a mile.

    The Mallon streak can look cool but not greying round the temples and as far as I'm concerned grey is not a top look for the blushing bride.