03 July 2007

Searchy Time Again

A bit of easy blogging but the following search terms deserve immortalising or not as the case may be. And

does sardine oil help with blocked ears - don't know but it will almost certainly help identify those with blocked noses.

Dyslexia Miracle Religion Cure - No sorry, there isn't one, remember there seems to be more than one cause of dyslexia and so different things seem to help, that and practise, practise, practise.

Tannin Stains In Swimming Pools - Why are you making tea in your swimming pool? Who are you catering for? The entire Woman's Institute?

Kissin Cousins Porn - Just wrong, wrong I tell you.


  1. I used to be number 1 in Google for "uncle festers meth recipe" Now I am number 5.

    Good luck staying number 1 for "does sardine oil unblock your ears".

  2. Thank you Iggy. I'm very proud of that one!