02 July 2007


Well I've bottomed out the car, sort of, the weather has been so miserable today, intermittent heavy showers and now I can hear the rumble of nearby thunder. The car window is now sorted but so much glass I never imagined that it would spread so far when shattered. Anyways that is all swept up. But with this poor weather the hope of doing anything else more fun today seeing as I've got the day off sort of disappeared in the murk.

We have fat finders tonight I'm pretty confident we both should have lost weight this week, seeing as we've been good avoiding the buns and cakes.

Update just got back from class and we both lost weight so it is working. Next week we should both get our 1/2 stone awards!


  1. Bottomed out? In the USA that is when you go over a bump so fast that the bottom of the car makes contact with the road. Usually causes sparks.

    Sorry to hear your car was broken into. That really sucks. There is the wallet issue to deal with - and as an added bonus the car will stink like a wet sock. You probably need to take it to a professional car cleaner and have them put some smelly stuff in there and vacuum out the carpet good.

    What is a "stone"? 14 pounds? I can not remember. That is just not used here. At any rate - great job loosing the 1/2 stone!

    PS - I added your movie suggestion to the Netflix list. The movie is not out yet in the USA, but will be released soon. Shaun Of The Dead was by far the BEST zombie movie ever made. Even better than the original zombie movie.

    In the USA, every bar can be called "Winchester". The rifle scenes in that movie were great.

  2. Hiya Iggy, in this case "bottoming out" means give something a really good clean.

    Yep a stone is 14 pounds.

  3. OK got to remember that. Bottom out means to clean, not to make all 4 wheels leave the ground and then when the car returns to Earth the underside of the thing scrapes the road.