04 July 2007

In Defence of Catherine Tate

So Catherine Tate is going to reprise her role as Donna the misfortunate bride and join the Doctor in the Tardis. I've no doubt that there are howls of outrage across the blogisphere, outbreaks of misogyny and ad hom attacks on Ms Tate going on right now.

However I think that she's got every chance of doing well. So I didn't like her comedy show, I didn't find it very funny although plenty of people I know did, but that is different from acting in a TV programme with someone else writing the lines it is mostly in the material after all. I never found the Two Ronnies that funny - Porridge was one of the best comedies of the 70s. Catherine Tate was very good in the Christmas special, very watchable and she acted well enough to convince me. Although I was hoping that the next companion would be a chap, I'm pleased because her character Donna was feisty, not starry eyed about the Doctor, and had some fight about her but most importantly she's a real woman, she isn't a 20 something poppet with perfect skin, perfect body and toned pecs, looking like she's been buffed to within an inch of her life for telly, She's about my age and it's time that 30something women took their place in outer space fighting bad guys. I only hope that the writers steer clear of having any "romantic tension" because that is getting tedious.


  1. "Sally Sparrow."

    That's now all I can say about this topic without weeping.

  2. God, why does everyone want that irritating, smug, simpering Sally Sparrow? I say hear hear for Donna

  3. Saved me from blogging similar. :)

    You know I feel the same way. It could be awful, but I'm betting it won't be.

    And anyway the real Doctor Who fans know that Sally Sparrow was so much better in the original Dr. Who Annual 2006 short story. ;-)

  4. I think Ms Tate could be a huge, huge mistake & I wasn't overly impressed by her xmas special either... But then again I thought series 3 was going to be pants after the first 3 episodes, so what do I know???

  5. no relation09 July, 2007

    Agree wholeheartedly with Jane. The sexual tension is getting tedious.

    Why is Doctor pining after girls 880 years younger than him anyway? It's pathetic!