15 July 2007

OB - Outside Blogging

I'm at my brother's on the patio watching him subdue the bar-b-cue into submission. So far it's Little Brother 1 BBQ 0. Due to the power of the wireless network I'm blogging outside. Which is nice.

Our excuse for visiting was to find a bridesmaid dress for my niece. That happened yesterday, we went into Winchester then Southampton, my niece seems to have inherited my love of glitz and tack - she kept homing in on the sparkly, animal print materials. A sight to make any aunt feel proud, I'm sure you would agree.

On the way there we played the game think of a name that begins with the first letter of the number plate on the next car that goes by. It's harder than you think especially after the third car goes by with a X plate. Y isn't much better.

Today we went for a walk in the woods and hunter gathered charcoal at the local supermarket. Not exciting exactly but very very relaxing

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