16 July 2007

Get Yer Cameras Out For The Awkward Squad

Last year Becca Bland a professional photographer and slightly woolly thinker, decided that 17 July 2006 should be the first non photography day. Her reasoning for having such a day are too muddle headed for me but see here. Shortly after first hearing about this, Becky EnVérité a bolshy amateur photographer, decided that she wasn't standing for that "no one tells me not to take photos" and decided instead that the 17 July 2006 should be the first Non Non Photography Day.

Tomorrow is the 17 July 2007 I suppose that makes it the second non photography day but I've seen no publicity about it. However there has been movements on the Non Non Photography Day front: the flickr group is reopening for submissions so get your cameras out and capture the great world out there in all its mediated beauty tomorrow.

Be Strong Resist!
A photo from last years extravaganza

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