12 July 2007

I Can Do Science Me

Bored? WoW no longer wowing you? run out of quests in Everquest? Second Life constantly crashing? Then why not do a bit of gentle galaxy spotting. There are millions of galaxies out there and still the best technology for identifying them is the human eye and brain in conjunction, more fun than looking at badly composed pictures on flickr and with the potential to give a warm glow of a job well done, please sign up for Galaxy Zoo


It's useful it's adding to the sum of knowledge and you don't have to wear one of those silly yellow tee-shirts.

HT to The Register.


  1. Saw this in the Times today. Will pop along later and have a look.

  2. I signed up last night and have already blogged about it - still no-one reads that old thing anyway.

    But you're wrong.

    You DO have to wear a silly yellow t-shirt to do it properly!

  3. Galaxies? But aren't they in the, *shudder* real world?

    Oh, you can look at them on the interwebs.


  4. I was trying that earlier (Blame Radio 4) but I kept on getting small fuzzy blobs and there isn't an option for "small fuzzy blob that might be spiral or could be elliptical but it's not obvious which and even if it is a spiral I can't tell which way it is spinning".