25 June 2007


Downpour, originally uploaded by Jane Goth.

My blog about bad driving sparked a few comments, including some from twitchy Ford Focus drivers. Now I didn't say that all Ford Focus drivers were dangerous just that a significant number of the dangerous drivers had the old Focus, but still they twitched possibly guilty consciousnesses? I don't know ;-)

After the rain in Manchester and on the drive back yesterday, today was mostly dry, a few spots and dark clouds in Cambridgeshire but otherwise warm and almost sunny. As I got to the Wisbech roundabout I could see over Lynn a large back cloud threaded with the occasional flash of lightening. It didn't actually rain until I was just getting to the outskirts and it bucketed it down, by the time I got home our next door neighbours were in danger of being flooded as the drains had been overwhelmed.

So far this summer has been a bit of a wash out. There's my work's barbecue coming up soon I hope it doesn't rain for that, there is nothing nastier than sheltering under as marquee from the lashing wind eating soggy burgers.


  1. Is a Ford Focus anything like a Ford Fiesta? If so, totally agree....
    Nasty weather up your way....

  2. Huh. For once in ever, the weather's better in Scotland! Who'd've thunk it?!

  3. You can get a nice roaring fire happening in heavy rain. It takes skill, but I've seen it done. The trick is to make sure you have enough hot embers going, and have one or two big heavy logs above them for shelter.

    That could be quite ppleasant, i.e, have your marquee and a nice roaring fire next to it.

    PS: you should delete wintergreen.in as my web page.

  4. Hi Exmoorjane thanks for commenting and welcome to Slothblog. Yep Fiestas can be a menace too.

    Hannah - Enjoy it while it lasts!

    Hi That Guy - I've updated my website list, don't suppose you've got a new website address do you?

  5. no relation28 June, 2007

    Yes I do as a matter of fact Jane. Thank you.

    My blog address is blog.thatguy.info.

    I've already got you on my blog roll.

  6. I am sorry that the Focus made it to the UK. Ford has made better cars. Of course, this is not really saying much.

    I won a new barbecue grill in a raffle.

    Here on the 25 parallel north, BBQ season is all year.