27 June 2007

A Little Spot Of Green

We went for a walk before dinner, to stretch our legs, get some fresh air into our lungs and work up an appetite. There is a mess of trees and nettles with a slim overgrown path going through it a bit behind our house. We walked up ducking under wet trees and dodging nettles, neither of us had been up there before and we were surprised when the path neglected as it was opened out on to a secret green, a tiny park with a bin for dog poo, rabbits, mole hills and newly mowed grass. Hidden from the roads by hedges and trees and from the houses that backed onto it by high fencing.

The Unsung Park

Completely unsung, it would be a great place for exercising small dogs, children or having a leisurely picnic in the sun.


  1. It's strange, I've driven and walked past that spot hundreds of times, but I never really knew what was there.

  2. I'm mildly surprised you found a "dog poo bin". Around here those bins seem to get torched with the same zeal as speed-cameras.

  3. So when you getting a dog or kids to make use of it?

  4. no relation29 June, 2007

    If you want an Australian perspective, I don't think I've *ever seen* a spot that green.

    Maybe in Tasmania there might be spots like that (it rains a lot there). Or maybe parts of Southern Victoria I'm yet to see.