24 June 2007

50 50

Up to Manchester this weekend, again proving that it is perfectly possible to have a weekend break there, in June not worry at all about sun burn if the sun screen has been left at home. This weekend was Sparkle so we were to be found enjoying a warm coffee on a chilly morning that Saturday on Canal Street people watching.

Like Becky has said it would be boring to do a detailed account of who I met and what we did. We went, we had fun we met up with the usual suspects and finally got to meet some who I've only seen on the internets and I found out who the Kit Kat Dolls are* and what they looked like**

It was a shame that the weather was so chilly and clashing with Glastonbury it is possible that crowd numbers were down due those factors, it certainly didn't feel as busy as last year's. But then if there had been great crowds would we have spotted the best shoes of the whole weekend?

Best Shoes of the Weekend

*In case you are wondering because you are like me and only get your entertainment news from Front Row and the Politics page of the Guardian the Kit Kat Dolls are a TG-girl group who were put together out of the Way Out Club entered into and then subsequently ejected from Britain's Got Talent when one of their members was stupid enough to tell an "undercover" reporter from the News Of The Screws her nightly rates. For anyone who knows the reputation of some of the WOCs regular visitors the news does not come as a surprise, for those who don't - be assured that the news doesn't come as a surprise.

** Like nothing that occurs in nature in case you were wondering


  1. ...only get your entertainment news from Front Row and the Politics page of the Guardian...


    Well, Newsnight Review, too!

  2. Phew - so it's not just me then!

  3. Sarah Perkins02 July, 2007

    ...and clashing with Glastonbury...

    It's such an evil choice to have to make! Glasto's based around the solstice... couldn't sparkle be moved, I wonders.

    Um.... Kit Kat, who?
    /me hides under a rock ;-)