20 June 2007

I am not copying Becky honest!

I like the idea of having a "mini blog" in the side bar, much like Gordon has, and *sigh* Becky too :) - I think it's a neat idea for links and stuff where I want to share but not enough to blog about it. I tried out Digg but it's too restrictive for what I want and too heavily orientated towards technology. Del.icio.us has that flexibility and doesn't force the user to fit her interests to those of the Digg coders, I mean with Digg you can't tag anything as humo(u)r or as kittens two of the 4 things that keep the Internet stuffed the other two being porn and mommy bloggers of course. So I've swapped over to Del.icio.us which will just make Becky think that I'm validating her... again.

1 comment:

  1. heh! funnily enough i was thinking the same thing about my blog, and reached the same conclusion to use del.icio.us, it's just i'm not as organised as you and havn't actually done it yet! ah well.....