28 May 2007

Another One Of Life's Ambitions Achieved.

We've just back from an extremely enjoyable weekend in the North-West, more on that tomorrow later today when I've recovered from the trip back. But I just want to mark for posterity that today yesterday I drove on my favourite motorway - the M62; over my favourite bit of the country - The Pennines. It was great!


  1. I want to go to London. Christopher Gardner, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the Turks can Caicos Islands told me to check out "The Prospect of Whitby" pub on the Thames River.

    Unlike most Americans, I know that "Thames" is pronounced "Tims".

    If only the US dollar was not at an all time low against the pound!

  2. Or even The River "Tems".

    One would presume that the pronounciation of Thames would depend upon which school tie one is entitled to wear.

    Would the clipped tones of an Old Etonian render the "Tems" of the vulgar into the more illustrious "Tims"?


    Motorway through The Pennines? Surely the best way of enjoying those glorious hills is to get out into those single track lanes and then on foot across the moors. Though I've also been out there on horseback and on a mountain bike, from time to time.