28 May 2007

Bank Holiday

Boy the weather has been bad this weekend, almost constant rain and like an idiot I was wandering around in open toe sandals, in the rain and wind. As Bex has said we went up to Liverpool to celebrate Jessica's Birthday. But if the weather outside was grim inside it was warm, welcoming and just plain fun.

Sensible Drinking

Jessica and Abi showed that they were taking sensible drinking very seriously by using the smallest cocktail glasses possible.

Later we went clubbing, it's not really my sort of music but I had a really good time strutting my not so funky stuff to the tunes, but mainly it was really cool to get to hang out with the gang again as we hadn't seen most of them for a while.

Yesterday after a leisurely brunch we set off up to Lancaster to visit Siobhan and see for ourselves the servers that Trannifesto lived on. We put the state of blogging to rights and just generally caught up. Add to that finally getting to drive across the M62 and it was a great way, if very tiring, to spend a bank holiday weekend.

1 comment:

  1. Blimey, must've taken you AGES to get drunk on those cocktails!

    "Honest, I've only had 20 or so..."