25 May 2007

And So

I was off work today, first day of my holidays, Si wasn't so the day was mine. So I went into Lynn bimbled around and decided that I really needed to go to the opticians. I needed to go as I hadn't had my eyes checked for over two years, I need new contact lenses and the lens of my spectacles are scratched. Three very good reasons for anyone.

The chap who received me did the puff test which made my eyes water, then I had to place my chin on the edge of a box which had an array of bulbs that would glow green at his command. I had to tell the chap how many of the bulbs were glowing. He did my right eye first, it seem to take an age, he kept stopping to ask me in which quadrants I had seen the lights. The left eye we sailed through, not a question was asked.

Next I was ushered through to the care of the optician - first she asked me the usual questions seeing as I was a new patient I assumed. Were any members of my family diabetic? - Yes my mother; did any members of my family have high blood pressure? - Yep my mother; Does anyone in the family have glaucoma? - No, no one does. She cracked on, looked at my retinas very carefully, asked me if the letters looked clearer with "either 1 or 2.... a or b.... 3 or 4?"

Then, once she had finished with the eye test she started to talk, she told me about how my prescription had changed from when I had my glasses made up, she told me how she was very concerned and would be writing a letter to my doctors telling them to refer me to the Ophthalmologist at the hospital because I showed all the signs of the early stages of glaucoma in my right eye. There were three tests she could do as an optician, the puff test, the grid test and looking closely at the retina for all three I showed the typical indications of glaucoma - the pressure was too high, I had an arc where I was not perceiving the lights and my retina looked wrong. The good news - it looked like it was the very early stages, the disease is very treatable, the bad news I'm a bit too young to be a typical glaucoma patient, it usually manifests itself in people over 40.

They redid the puff and grid tests because the hospital likes consistency - they'll be pleased with me.

It's not been confirmed I might not have glaucoma but as far as I can tell it's quaking like a duck, it's walking like a duck and it sure as looks like a duck so I'm not really expecting any other diagnosis when I do see the consultant.

How do I feel? I feel very dropped on, I wasn't expecting this, I have no obvious symptoms, it doesn't hurt. But I now face a lifetime of eye drops to stave off the risk of going partially sighted or blind. However that is far better then a prognosis of blindness or permanent disability, I don't have that and if it means that from the age 40 my brother will get free eye test I'm sure that I should get a freebie or two myself.


  1. Oh jeez! Well at least it's been spotted early.

  2. ack. Sorry to hear that, but as Steg says its good its been spotted early.

  3. Bummer but as everyone's saying, good that it's spotted before it was giving you problems. Hope it all goes smoothly.

  4. I hope everything goes as well as it possibly can. Fingers crossed for you.

  5. Yow. Sorry, honey. And, what everyone else said.

  6. Sorry to hear about that. If it is glaucoma then at least you've caught it early before it has caused much damage, and there are treatments available. I hope the consultant can give you some better news.

  7. I am very nearsighted and have been seeing a real eye doctor for decades. I only go to ophthalmologists. Every year I get the full checkup.

    The real eye doctor who has a PhD, the fake eye doctor does not. Go see a real doctor and forget about the eye glasses shop "doctor" who has limited equipment. Your eye sight is worth it.

    I have worn glasses since the third grade.

  8. Thanks all

    Iggy - It was a real optician I saw she will have done a specialist degree in Optometry and as she is licensed to give prescriptions for glasses she's not like the bored lass in Wal-mart who helps you buy some off the shelf reading glasses.

  9. hopefully it'll all be okay, and they have spotted it early, as everyone has said, which is a blessing of sorts i guess.
    anyhow fingers will be crossed for you.....

  10. Sorry to hear about that :-( glad they caught it quick - fingers crossed it all works out for you.