21 March 2007

This Could Become A Habit

This is just the second day of having the car, and already I'm hooked which is scary as I've got to give it back to Simon on Friday as it is really his car. But man, without wishing to trivialise the effects of drugs that car is like crack I can't bear to think about giving the car back. The ease of just driving to work instead of catching the bus, the fact that I could if I wanted just get in the car and drive anywhere I wanted to instead of having to ask someone to take me there if it's inaccessible by public transport.

It's great.

That I still don't really need a car, I can walk to the shops easily, to the bus and railway stations and the bus to work drops me off as close as it can get, which is pretty close, hasn't changed but yesterday it was freezing I didn't have to wait for the bus in a freezing shelter, today I was able to give a colleague a lift home which was really nice to do. Gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling inside.

I know intellectually I don't need it, that a car is an expensive habit which I can't really afford even considering the petrol. But.... oooh I like the way it makes me feel (warm and home a lot earlier than usual)


  1. Jane... Can you please cut & paste this blog post and send it ASAP to Mr. Gordon Brown... Unfortunately I'm not sure the lovely Mr. Brown gets the same warm fuzzy feeling that you do when he thinks about cars ;-)

    Maybe he should start taxing those annoying comment spammers out there!!!

  2. Deleted - I've not had comment spam for ages.

    Thing is though, Steph that I have to agree that cars are on the whole a bad thing hence the drug analogy, but they are very nice to have but not for the environment. If there was a better public transport system round where I live I wouldn't even contemplate driving to work even though I have the car this week.

  3. If only roller skates could give you the same feeling of freedom you wouldn't have to worry about the environmental guilt so much!

  4. A friend of mine used to rollerskate to work, after his car broke down. He lived in Wisbech and worked in Lynn. Rather him than me.

  5. I love my car, and my car loves me. Except that it is not a car. It is a Truck. Please do not tell my truck I called it a car, it will get angry and throw an oxygen sensor or something.

    You think a car is an expensive habit huh? Well then get a boat! And if you think boats are expensive, look into getting a pilots license. Now THAT is an expensive thing!