24 March 2007

Things Not To Say In Films If You Want To Live

Sometimes even in the best films you know who is gonna be a gonner way before the character does, in the less well written films it's obvious.

But if you are a young actor in a part that is paid by the line best watch out for lines like these.

"It doesn't hurt Doc, is that a good sign" Will be dead before the scene is over let alone the reel.

"I've had a wonderful time, this has been the best party/day/moment of my life. I'll just take a little rest here." Bound to be discovered dead in a chair, hammock, under a shady tree by the cute moppet or heroine of the film.

"And that's my girl Mary-Lou, when this God-damned war is over we're gonna raise chickens just like my old papa did" God-damned blown up by the bad guys just when you thought he was actually gonna make it.

"Aye Aye Captain I'll go first!"

"I am Spartacus"

I'm sure you can think of some more, these are just a few to be going on with.


  1. I could add to this list, but it's so much easier just to let someone else do the work:


  2. You can usually bet on a youngish, black, male, good natured character, played by a little known actor departing in the first 20 minutes, no matter what they say.

  3. If you've ever been shot, stabbed, lasered or hit by a falling object, never say that you feel cold. Its a sure sign...

    http://www.moviecliches.com/ is good for a laugh, though they still haven't put my 'why do spacecraft bank when they turn in a vacuum' bit in :-(