20 March 2007

Lost in Wisbech

So I drove into work today, from King's Lynn to finest Fenlandshire, apart from getting lost round Wisbech it was all fine. Wisbech is a fine looking town especially in the centre but its by-pass is not very well sign posted and I was looking for signs to March and or the A141 not the A644684648. I eventually found the road I was meant to be on, but only after going through a couple of very pretty villages and the snow strewn landscape.

I could get very fond of this flat land, driving through it in the morning like this I get to see it more clearly and I'm noticing things I've not noticed before when I've been driven. Unfortunately I've not noticed the way to the Wisbech by pass.

I got to work just in time for my course. I'm feeling very invested in at the moment this is the second course in as many weeks, this time I'm learning how to interview people correctly, the trainer looks and sounds just like Alan Bleasdale and one of my fellow students is Peter Griffin of Family Guy made flesh and brainier and more thoughtful and from the west country apart from that he's the dead spit. It feels like a good course and I've learnt lots of useful stuff already, tomorrow is the scary day, we've got to interview volunteers on their CVs but from a behavioural aspect tomorrow. It could all go horribly wrong.


  1. The last good job I had I got by going into it with the idea that there was no way I was going to get it. So when they asked a question I just answered it. No thinking about what I thought they wanted to hear. So when they asked "do you like to play with fire" I would say "Yes. It is great fun". And so on.

    I got the job. I was later told I scored the highest of everyone interviewed on all the questions by everyone one the panel. Nobody rated anyone else higher on any single question.

    Imagine that.

  2. To bypass Wisbech, don't follow signs to Wisbech :)
    I like driving in the fens, especially just as the sun is rolling along one horizon with the moon rolling along the other. A lack of hills means you can see whole cloud systems, massive thunderstorms, the milky way, huge flocks of birds, and . . . MIND THAT DITCH!!!