25 March 2007

Possibly The Best Cartoon Ever.


  1. Ah, dangermouse...

    Completely insane.

    Great stuff!

  2. Happy memories of David Jason and Terry Scott as the dynamic duo!

    I could be very late for work watching old episodes of DM on GooTube. That one was great. I particularly loved the Irish alien giving directions. It reminded me of one time we we were in deepest, wettest Kilkenny and asked a local shop owner for directions to Portlaoise. We were informed that we should, "Droive straight along da bendy road" until we got to the end!

    Happy days!

  3. Danger Mouse made it across the Atlantic to America. On cable TV. This makes it a strong contender for the best cartoon ever. Only the best of the BBC makes it over here. Or at least the most insane stuff that would never ever not in a billion years make it to American network TV (Benny Hill). People in their under pants running around in time lapse is naughty by FCC standards.

    And we call the British stuffy.