04 March 2007

Spell Right for Socialism

You may have seen on the news, on the interweb or in the Guardian articles about Conservapedia The "conservative" alternative to Wikipedia.
"Conservapedia is a much-needed alternative to Wikipedia, which is increasingly anti-Christian and anti-American."
Wikipedia apparently has far too much liberal bias, for instance using BCE and CE instead of BC/AD or using British spellings. Spelling colour with a u instead of without one appears to be a a dangerous sign of being an evil atheist lefty anti American to the founders of Conservapedia. They only have 6 commandments for posting and one of those is not to use British spellings and if you do so repeatedly you are likely to get blocked from contributing to the site. As Language Log, the blog where I first heard about this stupidity, points out it's a very draconian over reaction to variety.

My View

To equate British spelling with a Liberal/Anti Christian bias is moronic; as one commenter on a Language Log's associated blog said "If I were as paranoid as these guys, I’d assume that Conservapedia was an atheist plot to discredit Christianity." I'm guessing here but it's probably a safe bet that the people behind this have a lot of time for the King James Version of the Bible, John Knox, Charles Wesley's hymns (if they agree with hymns that is), Paradise Lost, John Bunyan and Charles Spurgeon. All of whom/which are written/wrote in various forms of BRITISH ENGLISH.


  1. Ah, yes, but didn't Luther say that logic is the enemy of faith.... after he was translated from German into English, of course?

  2. Words fail me. Aside from a large and colourful selection of Anglo-Saxon expletives, of course.

  3. Jane, the conservative movement in the USA is insane. Please ignore them and do not think all Americans are as much of an asshole as they are.

    To them ANYTHING they do not agree with or understand is "ant-Christian" and/or "anti-American".

    It is people like that that make me want to run off to Canada. Do you know how many times I have been told that I should "move to France" because I happen to think President Bush is an idiot?

    If King George had just given the colonies representation in Parliament then none of this crap would be happening.

  4. Iggy, don't worry I know that the vast majority of Americans are reasonable, thoughtful people who can do irony and laugh at themselves. I was going to put a paragraph in the post to that effect it would have also said that I know that most Christians are not as loopy as these chaps but it didn't read well.

    Isobel - I wouldn't know we didn't learn much about Luther except he was wrong at my Catholic secondary school :D

    Steggy - I hope those Anglo-Saxon words were spelt correctly ;)

  5. Someone at work pointed it out last week and since then we have been steadily pouring over the content and extracting the urine whilst trying not to laugh too loudly.

  6. YEA! And if the people that invented the English language want to misspell color by adding a U - then who is going to tell them they are wrong?

    We once had a Vice President that spelled potato with an "e" at the end. Of course we all made fun of him. The funniest part was he was sitting in on a grade school spelling bee at the time. A student spelled "potato" on a blackboard, and the vice president said something like "you almost got it!" and then added the e at the end.

    All the children laughed.

  7. I see that Conservapedia made it to the Today programme this morning!