28 February 2007


First off, the dress hunting trip on Saturday was quite successful. Dresses were tracked, captured and tried on as were tiaras and, because you have too, veils in BHS - I looked more like I was going for my first holy communion than a bride :-/ We also tried on half the hats and fascinators in John Lewis's for the fun of it as neither of us will be wearing hats. Try to imagine a montage of dress flicking, jewellery ooohing and general, thirty-something bonding but in a non Bridget Jones way (God I hate that book) if it was a 1950s Musical film it would have choreographed by Gene Kelly and stared Audry Hepburn as Me and Grace Kelly as Anne.

Fast forwarding to the present. I'm not well, again, I'm fed up with this. I went into work feeling fine came over all funny within five minutes of getting into the office half an hour later I was on my way home. Simon took the day off work to look after me armed with provisions and a present to make me feel better, he says it cost him loads but he keeps changing channels whenever this ad comes on.


  1. Nothing like a hat wearing event to brighten a shopping trip. Dress shopping: sometimes it's war. :)

  2. I like to pretend I am looking for new sports cars and con the salesman into giving me a test drive.

    Kind of the same thing really. Sort of.