24 February 2007


Gothicly, originally uploaded by Jane Goth.

Anne and I are stood at the train station on our way to Peterborough to look for wedding dresses. Anne is going to protect me from the scary wedding dress shop ladies they are fearsome and they don't take no for an answer.


  1. My wedding dress was yellow, with large white flowers and a big white collar. It was a mini-dress. It was 1973.

    I'd have been scared to go in a wedding dress shop because of the ladies. I hope you and Anne had a great time.

  2. What style are you going for? There's SO much choice out there! Do you subscribe to Bridalwave? They have some great info sometimes.

    Personally, I think I'll have a dress made by a friend, cos it's not gonna be white ;)

  3. Get yourself to this place!

  4. If you can't find what you want in the shops then you could try someone who will make what you want. Rossetti is near to you.

  5. Z my mum got married in a cream minidress that had brown spots on it, for years I used to resentfully say "I'm not getting married in a brown dress, oh no not me" However there were some really nice looking dresses in Chocolate in Monsoon! ;-/

    Charlee - apart from I know I want something that is full length and doesn't expose too much me to the autumn air I'm pretty much open to suggestions. Thanks for the link to that site I'd not seen them before.

    Candace - Fairy Gothmother have some seriously lovely stuff, I've spent many a happy hour drooling over their site.

    boolbar - Hi there, thanks for the link (even if it's slightly broken);-) some stunning work on that site

    The suggestions are all very welcome thanks :D

  6. Bad link? Me? I guess IE7 on a PC can cope without that final bit of URL. :)
    If you have no intention to follow the crowd (i.e. expensive, white, and never wear it again!) than a nice frock from Monsoon and some stunning accessories is much more sensible. Anyway the most beautiful part of the bride is that happy excited "I'm in love" expression on her face. Wear that and the rest is just decoration.