08 November 2006

Metablogging again.

The thing about blogging is sometimes I only have a pertinent sentence or two about one subject then some waffle then another short paragraph of interest on another subject and so on. Probably not enough for a worthwhile post alone but together all the interesting sentences together I would get a bitty, but hopefully worthwhile post. But the feeling that blog posts must have a coherent theme is a difficult one to overthrow. I would love to be able to jump from subject to subject like Siobhan does, without feeling self conscious.

Writing prose of any form doesn't come easily to me, I tend to trip up over the words. The seamless bit of prose I had conjured up in my head turns into poo as my fingers type it out. I have this problem at work as well, I agonise over writing letters to customers and contractors how words are used is very important in what I do, so care has to be taken by everyone. But again I can't turn the carefully crafted phrase I thought about in my head into the writing on the the page because the words seem to run away from me when I start committing them to hard disc.

My old boss would stare at the screen with a pensive gaze for about 5 minutes as she thought about the letter at hand, then her fingers would be a blur as she tapped out her thoughts on the page, apart from perhaps the tweaking of a comma or the double check of the specific meaning of a word it would all be there as she wanted it, making sense, in not much more than half an hour. Me, I know what to say, I understand the problem but I can't get it onto paper without a struggle.

And I blog.

For fun.

I must be an idiot.

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