10 November 2006

Just Stuff

Let me delight you with

A joke that I saw and put on the other blog Rabbits

Saturnian Noises from the University of Iowa via Bad Astronomy Blog

The place where I work has always had a flaky power supply, the mains electricity seems to go with remarkable frequency considering that it shouldn't happen at all, and the emergency generators aren't beefy enough to take the strain. They've been upgraded, supplemented and the site's works services manager is rumoured to have sacrificed voles to the great gods of diesel power generators so that they will work when called upon.

I think he may be graduating up to rabbits.

Something blew on Tuesday evening, the building that houses most of the sites servers has been on/off/on/off/on emergency power ever since. We had to do a "power down" for this evening so that more work could be done over the weekend. The power was going off at 4pm the servers were going to be taken off line from 3.20pm, so our IT people were switching off our computers from 2pm and forbidding them being turned back on.


I took the afternoon off, I did my deep cleanse of my in tray and desk draws last time the network went down 6 months ago.

So I got to see the Christmas lights in daylight for the first time. When I say for the first time I mean this year, the same strings of lights have been hung up ever since I moved here.

It's Still Early November!

It's not impressive.


  1. Wow, Saturn sounds like the Forbidden Planet. Cool.:-)

  2. I Love That Joke!™

    That is the best one I've heard in ages!

  3. > The place where I work has always had a flaky power supply

    I know where you work, and frankly this worries me ;)