05 November 2006

I'm At Risk Of Developing A YouTube Habit

At the risk of sounding like the idiot teenager from the fast show

Isn't YouTube Brilliant, it hosts loads and loads of content from original stuff like the smiley bit above to the wee films I took on holiday recently to copyright infringement stuff like the fast show bit to the bits the beeb is actually pushing like the BBC2 idents in the last post.

Of course as most of its users seem to be semi literate 14 year boys the comments on most of the films are shite. I've decided that I'm all for free speech but only if the person taking advantage of this right, can prove to the satisfaction of an independent authority they can write in their native language without resorting to text speak.

Apart from them idiots, YouTube rocks

I love it.


  1. That's very generous of you to call them semi-literate, I'd say more quasi-literate!

    Youtube is good fun though