14 August 2006


Well the weather wasn't completely awful over the weekend, Sunday was quite nice but today was miserable unseasonably grey and dreick. It was so depressing that all I wanted to do was snuggle up in a duvet so I rang my boss at Peterborough Railway Station and asked for the day off. She said yes, which was nice, so mainly today I've done bugger all of nothing and it's been bliss.

I do have to think about what I'm gonna wear to Pink (Picnic) next Saturday (if wet stay in Kings Lynn) Not because I want to make a huge impression, I've discovered over the last year the chances of doing that when out with a tranny are minimal even if I wanted to! 30 something women are a common sight in Cambridge, 30 something trannies are not so ;) I really enjoy standing back a little and watching people's reactions to Becky. I get plenty of chances to be the bright butterfly when we go out with Bex is in Bob mode. Nah it's the weather and what to wear on my feet.

It's gonna be strange going to Pink with Becky because last year that's where I went to meet her I didn't really know her then, I do now.

Yep it's gonna be weird.

But in a good way.

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  1. That's 'dreich' - not 'dreick' :-)

    Susan, the professional Scot