16 August 2006

Shock As Rumours Of Ceres Being Promoted To The Big League Appear To Be Confirmed (To be read with a Motty style voice)

A draft proposal by the International Astronomical Union (IAU) if ratified will see Ceres, currently considered the largest asteroid, Charon, currently Pluto's moon and UB313, formally not yet named but known as Xena to her friends a large object in the Kuiper Belt all becoming planets in the solar system.

Which will sort of bugger up Holst's The Planets even more.

Radio 4's Front Row team commissioned Scanner to compose 4 suite-lets for the 3 soon to be planets and Pluto. As they are only minor planets Plutons the music took the form of jingles which was nice if very silly.

I can't get too worked up about it but I bet my old Astronomy Lecturer David Hughes will still be saying "Pluto is not a planet"


  1. The band Rush will so like this. I can hear Geddy Lee now . . . we are the priests of the Planet of Ceres . . .

  2. What about those other places that fraudulently claim planet status? Why is no one doing anything about:

    Of the Apes


  3. I wont be changing my tag to "Plutos the soon to be re-classifiesd as one of an ever increasing number of planets recognised within the scope of the solar system" at any time soon.

    It dosn't have the same ring as 'Bubbleman'.

    I like the idea of UB313 being called Xena, but would much prefer somthing plain like 'Kevin' or 'Susan'

  4. Your old astronomy lecturer was right - there are only 8 planets. All the others are wannabes.

  5. This means that astrological calculations need to be made all over again and that our future will be entirely different as a result.

  6. Looks like your lecturer and I were right after all! :-)