12 August 2006

Bring Me Sunshine

Being a contrary Brit who likes nothing better than a good whinge about the weather - What the bloody hell happened to August? Don't know about where you are but here in Kings Lynn it is anything but sunny and more than a tad chilly.

I did not come prepared all my clothes are suitable to summer, I had to borrow one of Becky's jackets, this is where going out with a tranny has its advantages, the jacket I borrowed buttoned up on the correct side rather than being some misshapen coat that screamed loudly of "Borrowed Off The Boyfriend."

Bex and I did a quick trip round town, including a wander round M&S, they have some rather nice shoes in their new collection I didn't buy but it will do next time and retired back home to the warmth and safety of Chez EnVérité.

We've tried to recreated to create the warmth of Old El Paso with Chilli and Long Island Iced Teas but the cicadas are not singing yet. The rain is still streaming down I can see the grass greening up through the gloom.


  1. I was able to do my world-renowned "drowned rat" impression today having been caught in an unfeasibly "heavy shower" on my way to Gaywood post office.

    But through it all I wore a smile on my face and had a song in my heart. Give me weather like this over 30 celsius of blazing sunshine any day!!

  2. I was thinking the same today. I was moaning about July but what's with August? The last two years August was quite hot.

  3. Well, up here in the desolation of the North West, it's still gloriously sunny and warm.

    No, that's a complete lie. It's so chilly I've got the heating on

  4. Stegbeetle, we avoided the really heavy showers by not going out until it was safe.

    Em - Usually August is hot unless you are in the Lake District.

    Siobhan - Not been reduced to that yet but are having to huddle together for warmth.

  5. crappy, cold and wet here.

    At least the grass is getting some water. Although since it's all dead I don't think its going to help much....

  6. I love the shoes, but they don't do them in size 10 :-(