18 July 2006

Too Darn Hot

It was/is hot today, the air in the office felt like over-brewed coffee. The supermarkets seem to have been stripped bare of salads and ice cream, so I will have to cook tonight, pasta tuna something I think. And it's thunderbug season, they get inside flat screen displays, one of the little creatures got inside the LCD display screen on my camera yesterday. And, of course, they can get inside smoke alarms, all this week we've watched people from different buildings troop outside onto the grass in front of my office as they wait for the fire brigade to turn up to confirm that it was a false alarm.

So far my building has been spared this but it will happen to us at some point. Be interested to see if the Kylie Calender comes out side this year.

It's too hot to think as well I was trying to review a document this afternoon but had to give it up as a bad job when I realised I had read the same paragraph about 6 times. We have some Americans visiting us this week, you would think that they would be used to this heat and be able to take it in their stride, after all they are from Arizona. Well they are used to this heat but only from the comfort of air conditioned offices, cars and homes none of which they have access to here. But bless them they are bearing up stoically even though they have given up all pretence of dressing smart for the office as it is just a bit too warm.


  1. I've never been more thankful that we have air-conditioning in the office than today. Stepping outside at lunchtime felt like opening an oven door.

    Getting home was horrible. Even the breeze is warm.

  2. There isn't even any kind of breeze round here. The only solution is to wind the windows down on the car and drive around quickly... it provides some air movement at least.

  3. True, it's hotter with the fan on in my motor too.
    I spent the day in the server room though, aah, nice cool breeze there.