19 July 2006

Too Darn Hot II

Too Darn Hot


  1. Oh, come on... Ha ha.

    Sorry, I've been here too long.

    It was 46.5C on New Years Day. No wind. At 6pm.

    Hope the Solero gags (a la Partridge are still doing the rounds)


  2. Now 46.5 is very hot I agree.

    But we don't have air conditioning and it never lasts long enough for us to get used to it!

    The british stiff upper lips melts once it gets past 25C ;)

  3. I'm sorry Jane I agree with Kat. In feburary 1991 I was a diesel mechanic fixing a header in the middle of a paddock. It was 48.7°C, so hot that you couldn't pick up the tools without gloves least you burnt your hands. Covered in oil, chaff and dodging Dugites and spiders I finished fixing the header, got into my UN-airconditioned ute, drove to the UN-airconditioned workshop, handed in my notice and went to my UN-airconditioned house to have a VERY cold beer or 5. Not everyone in Australia has the luxury of air conditioning, and as sweaty as we get, we still cope.

    Now I would like to complain about the buildings that set their air con to sub antartic temperatures in the middle of winter!

  4. Wow, do the UN pay for air-conditioning in Australia? :-)

  5. Well all the refridgeration mechanics have little powder blue helmets.... :p