17 July 2006

Today I Took Some Photos

Today is Non Photography Day, supposedly. Rubbish I say so I took my camera to work and took photos on the way home.


I took photos I'd be meaning to take for a long while but before I had always felt a little self conscious about doing so. At first I felt a right prat taking photos of various signs and objects but then suddenly my awareness of what other people might think totally disappeared and I found myself happily photographing away. One of the things I had been meaning to photograph is this below.

Crimes Against Architecture 2

It's going to be a "community centre/learning zone/space" type thing, all very worthy and worth support I'm sure but visually it is foul, it's trying to ape the rather lovely Georgian windows across the way with having "sash style" windows in the second floor but they've done it all wrong with nasty plastic double glazed casement windows and they've paid no attention to symmetry. On the ground and first floors they have a totally different style, the entrance it different again. I can't think of a nice thing to say about it.

Honestly it is shite.

And what is the point of the coloured tile squares?



More positively I picked up our tickets to the Summer Ball. This time last year I was pondering on how to get to it, bus or taxi and a certain Ms EnVérité volunteered to act as my chauffeur, this year she is coming with me. Who'd have thought it?


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