22 July 2006


A rather wan Simon is now back in bed, still recovering from the Summer Ball we went to yesterday/til stupid o'clock this morning. We spent the evening drinking (although no pimms this time), dancing, eating, socialising and bashing the stuffing out of people on the dodgems. I have a doozy of a bruise on my inner right knee from a crash, it was great.

Thing is such fun takes its toll on the body and when we woke up this morning Simon looked as shabby as I felt not so much the hangover, although that was there it was the general tiredness and out of syncness with the day.

It was a smashing do which is really thanks to the staff there, they worked like stink to make sure we had a good time whilst managing to keep their sense of humour and seemingly enjoying themselves.

Performing highlight of the night was the Kylie tribute act, she was very good vocally, had legs that reached all the way to the ground exceptionally pretty with a lithe body. She also had a mesmeric effect on a lot of the men, the dancing was not pretty as so many of the audience were not concentrating on what they were doing.

But today we have been mostly doing nothing except sleep bimble about the shops and eat replenishing food like sausages and baked beans the alternative to the bacon buttie.


  1. What is this "Pimms" stuff???? Some sort of beer???? I have to invade London and find out for myself!!!

    PS Ill send you some cash via PayPal if you can mail me some of this "Pimms" stuff.

  2. Mmmm....pimms is good.

    (You can find everything on the internet: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pimms)

  3. Iggy as Magpie said Pimms is good, it's very good.

    It's a bit heavy to put through the post but there must be a specialist liquor store near you that stocks it, surely?

    It would be just the thing for Sanibal Island as well.

  4. I am on a mission to find the stuff.

    Ill keep you posted.

    By the way, what about the other Pimms? According to my research, there is vodka based Pimms and "Pimms Winter" which is brandy based. How is that stuff? I might import some of it.

  5. There's a whole history behind Pimms, there used to be a whole slew of Pimms cups, each with a different number. The only Pimms that's mainly seen now is Pimms Number 1 Cup.

    Oh, and when people talk about drinking Pimms they're usually talking about as a mixer with lemonade, I had an image of you slinging back pints of Pimms and getting absolutely hammered. :-)