15 July 2006

Today, I Have Been Mostly

Helping my Mum get rid of an old bed. Well the mattress for it the base was far too big to get into her car. We took it to the tip along with an old cheap rocking horse my niece used to play on when she was smaller then we met Simon for lunch in the local pub. We had a slight detour into the lingerie shop next door to the pub, they were having a closing down on retirement sale, which is a shame as it was a smashing, if expensive shop. I managed to pick up this little piece of nonsense for £5.

Rigby And Peller

After lunch Si and I went shopping for a bbq tomorrow, so we bimbled round Wilkinson's grabbing the basics, I was sorely tempted by this on the basis as a Tardis although it looked small it would be able to carry everything seeing as it's bigger in the inside than on the outside, but according to the Wiki entry it's a fictional thing so it couldn't.

Tardis Cool Box

Plus at £6.99 it was a bit much for a joke.


  1. I am a sucker for things that I think are cool. I would understand if you bought the Dr. Who thing. I spend way too much on things that I see and say "CRAP! I need that!", then do not use very much. Like my kayak for example. I used it three times so far.

    By the way, I have a tentative plan to invade London sometime next year, when it is still cheap to fly overseas. I am thinking a month that begins with M. March most likely.

    My plan is to TRY to drink all the beer in London. I will only have a few hours to do so, the plan is to fly from Floirda to LHR then connect to AMS - with a 6 or 7 hour layover in London. If I die trying, it will be a death worthy of song for many generations.

  2. Corsetier to the Queen? Must be Rigby and Pellier... now *their* shop is something to behold!

  3. Iggy I think a 6 7 hour layover is far too short need longer than that to do the pubs justice.

    Candace - Yep it is, I've never been to their shop but I hope to someday, when the sales are on.

  4. It must be good if the Queen has appointed it! I love rummaging through charity shops. They are so good in the UK. The moving plans are progressing well. We can't book flights to Oz until the flat sale has completed or exchanged (can't remember which comes first), my hubby has to give notice at work, my baby needs to get her passport and I am waiting for my British naturalisation. It's all little bitty things but it's all in progress!