08 July 2006


I was doodling while on the phone to a colleague yesterday. When I finished the conversation I found that I had drawn this. Doodle I think I may need another holiday or something! I don't have anything against the person I was talking to as far as I'm aware. I've never drawn a pistol before cars, flowers, houses, abstract squiggles and jagged shapes that sometimes end up looking vaguely phallic are more my style. I hate to think what a pop psychologist would make of it.


  1. They would agree. You need more vacations. I suggest Detroit Michigan. LOTS of real guns there!

  2. I'm not a pop psychologist, nor do I play one on TV, but I'd only be worried drawing a picture of a gun when talking to someone if said gun was pointed at a doodle of this person's head.

  3. Iggy - I don't want to play with real guns, oh no, not my idea of fun.

    Billy, I suppose that is something.

  4. Man, if drawing a gun was a psychological difficulty, they'd have put me out of school in . . . kindergarten.

  5. John - Aye but thing is I wasn't doing it delibrately I managed to almost finish it before I "came to" and realised what I had drawn.

  6. You should worry,
    When I doodle I tend to draw sheep....
    ...with red booties on.

    Ok Mr Freud, sort that one out.