07 July 2006

Henna Hands

Yesterday was my works BBQ. Normally this event drags somewhat after waiting for the food, bitching about those who have gone up for seconds before some people have had anything to eat, the list of fun things to do run out. However this year my colleague Ramela brought in some henna and was doing "tattoos" for anybody who wanted it.

Honestly it was like face painting for grown ups, Ramela worked like a slave as she had people queuing up to be done for most of the afternoon and she had a constant audience of people watching her as she did her designs.

I had my hand done, natch

Clingfilm fetish

Once the henna mix had dried to almost bone dry I had to wrap my hand in clingfilm cos the heat couldn't escape easily the sweat and warmth was supposed to make the henna take better. Ramela told us that when this is done properly before weddings it's done last thing at night and the bride to be goes to bed with her hands sealed in plastic bags. Mine only lasted to about 5pm, so it isn't as dark as it could have been if I had been more patient.

Henna Tattoo

It's exceptionally pretty and should last about 2 to 3 weeks and then can have another one done, perhaps!


  1. What did they wrap chick's hands in before there was plastic?

  2. Ack, gwan, get a real tatt done. And not only that, they are addictive. I need a few more.

    This is what I have on my left arm. This is what I might get on my shoulder. (Look at it upside down! Doesn't that rock?)

    It isn't painful. Really, it isn't. Giving blood is a *lot* more painful, and that isn't that bad at all.

  3. Iggy - I don't know large leaves I guess.

    ST - Problem with real tattoos is that they are permemant and I don't like any designs enough for that. Those designs to rock though, but it's not for me.

  4. Henna tatts are pretty cool, I had this one done and redone for months on my calf.

    Not sure if I could ever have a real one though. Like you I don't like a design for long enough to want to have it done. :)


  5. Cathii that dragon is lovely