20 May 2006

Oh Lordi, Lordie Lordie

What is the Finnish for "Oh Fuck" because I bet that is what producers at Finnish state TV are saying right now!

Congratulations to Lordi, they really deserve to win it. Commiserations to the Germans I thought that their entry was really nice.

The Greeks brought it in on time and no doubt within budget well done them too!


  1. Anonymous21 May, 2006

    It's "voi vittu", with a huge grin :D

  2. Anonymous21 May, 2006

    Most likely "Voi perkele". A mixture of disbelief and masculine happyness.

  3. Woooohoooo Did I not tell you that Lordi were gonna win this year.... Damn shame I am not a betting trannie I could have picked up a few dollars!!!!

    And aren't they just brilliant... I guess there isn't a hope in hell I will ever be able to book them for the club now.... grrrr the only downside!

  4. Anonymous21 May, 2006

    Producers probably say "Ei saatana!" when they realize that we don't have any money to organize the next song contest.

  5. Anonymii - Thank you for your help and congratulations again. You can wave good bye to expensive TV programmes for the next year though because a lot of the budget will be going on hosting 2007s show. Why do you think we Brits put up such rubbish entries? ;-)

    Cathii - You certainly did!

  6. Is this for real? 'deserved to win'? I studiously avoided the whole thing but when I saw a pic of lordi I just assumed it was a joke band,when they were described as 'Death metal' it confirmed it.

  7. Gillian, I think the band's collective tongue were firmly in their collective cheek, but yes they deserved to win, they had the strongest image, the best performance, stood out and were not bland. Eurovision - it's music but not as we know it. :-)

  8. "I think the band's collective tongue were firmly in their collective cheek"

    I have no wish to know what they got up to at the aftershow party thank you. However were this the judges cheeks that had aforesaid tongues embedded in them then perhaps that explains it all.