21 May 2006


I'm listening to Mark Kermode's film review podcast from 19th May, it's worth downloading if only for the rant he goes into about people emailing him whenever he complains about movies based on computer games (no plot, no point that sort of thing). Of course being a British programme the films and DVDs he is reviewing will have been out for a while in the States. It is essential for the British film lover though and Mark is a lively knowledgeable opinionated reviewer so I believe probably fun for all.

Talking about movies based on computer games there could well be a War of Worldcraft movie. Hmmm could be interesting or it could be a pile of sub LOTRs poo.

Link to Mark Kermode Podcasts


  1. Speaking of rants, can I do my anti-Mark Kermode rant now? He was the worst regular guest on Scrawn & Lard's show, all those years ago, and he can't do a single review without mentioning the bloody Exorcist and....

    No, I'll stop....Serenity now.....serenity now, dammit!

  2. He mentioned the Exocist this week too!

  3. War or Worldcraft?? A while ago I was telling friends that we would see live action computer games as entertainment where we would go and watch gamers replay in the game a script they had developed and were now 'acting' out. Second life is now going to go that way too, here speaks the prophet

  4. Gillian completely believe it is possible but unless there is a strong plot and narrative arc then it will be a pile of poo.

  5. He mentioned the Exocist this week too!

    It doesn't matter what he's talking/writing about; he has to mention the Exorcist. Which would be annoying if the film were any good - but it's not. Friedkin's previous film, The French Connection, is far superior.

  6. I love Mark Kermode :-)

    Movies based on computer games are invariably poo. Peter Jackson is involved in making a Halo movie, I hope it succeeds but you just know its going to be bad.....