18 May 2006

The Line Of Beauty (The Shallow Review)

Caught some of The Line of Beauty last night, after the football natch. The gay sex scene we saw was very tastefully done, I thought enough was seen to dispel any doubts as to what was going on, but we didn't actually see anything really.

As I've not seen it all I can't comment on plot, adaptation, acting except to say I didn't find it emotionally engaging, (probably cos I hadn't been in from the beginning) until the bit just at the end when our hero, Nick, is dumped by his boyfriend Leo, that was beautifully acted and engaging.

I found the depiction of all those unrepentant repellent Tories rather uncomfortable to watch too I was fighting back the urge to make signs casting away the evil eye at the telly.

But as I said in the title this review is in the shallow ends and what really stuck out for me was the fashion and a couple of miss hits.

Those patterned tights that Hayley Atwell as Catherine was wearing. I had forgotten about tights like that but last night it all came flooding back, I had a pair, they were very expensive for what they were, uncomfortable to wear and went with nothing in my wardrobe.

Eyebrows - the 80s was the decade that didn't molest the eyebrow, almost everyone went about with brows that were more beetling than arched*. The actresses are all sporting very Noughties brows.

Make up - Ok in 1983 I was a young teenager, reading Smash Hits as if my life depended on it, rather than a depressive, self harming Sloane, but I do remember that make up was worn much heavier than it is now. It was the decade that thought that you couldn't have too much and that applied to blusher as well.

Floella Benjamin - She looks stunning doesn't look a day older than she did when she was presenting Playaway and Play School. Both Si and I kept saying "That's Floella Benjamin, that is" "Where's Big Ted and Hamble?"

*Except me, my eyebrows are naturally this shape.

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  1. Have recorded In The Line Of Beauty and so far it seems other people who've seen it don't seem particularly impressed. The book is supposed to be good though.

    Talking of beetling eyebrows, I can remember an unfortunate incident when I got a lot of black eyebrow pencil on a hideous luminous yellow sleeveless polo neck top I was trying on in Miss Selfridge circa 1984. Thick eyebrows, bright red lipstick, luminous yellow top. Lovely, eh?