16 May 2006


I am gobsmacked at how awful the British entry is for this years Eurovision song contest.

I'm putting it down to a few things

The BBC really really don't want to risk wining the competition - feasible Eurovision is deeply naff and very expensive to host.
Recently the British entries have not done well, it has been alleged that this has been due to the lack of support in Europe to the war in Iraq. The BBC are seeking to spare Blair's blushes by entering such a piss awful entry no one can blame us getting "nul points" on Iraq. Not so feasible as I believe the reason those entries did so badly was not related to the Iraq war but more to the general lack of ability surrounding them.
Someone has gone through the door marked irony into the room called totally
clueless. Not my favourite but more than possible

No self respecting composer will touch it now therefore we are left with the idiot dross and this was "shudder" the best of a very bad lot. My favourite right now
Eurovision does not have the "it's so naff it's good" vibe about it, it's just bad. Terry Wogan has lost the plot, instead of being lightly mocking he is taking it too seriously and has gone a bit middle englander about it (ok aka xenophobic.)

For all that I love Eurovision, I love the big gowns ,the ludicrous links, the achingly poor jokes, but there hasn't been a decent contestant since Dana International, there hasn't been a decent song since Bucks Fizz. I love the way that since we've gone to audience voting Germany sure as eggs is eggs give 12 points to Turkey, well what do you expect? If you want to make money out it then accept that cliques will seek to block vote.

Get rid of Wogan, as I've said he's lost the plot, he doesn't have any feel for the music and takes it far too seriously. Of course near neighbours are going to vote for each other, there is fellow feeling. Give it to a younger man, a man with his own hair like for instance Jonathan Ross. A real dare devil would get Colin and Edith to commentate on Eurovision but perhaps that is too radical.

Well perhaps I wasn't speechless after all. I just couldn't find the words to describe how awful the British entry is.


  1. Well I am looking forward to Eurovision this year. Britain doesn't have a hope of winning this year with competition like LORDI.

    Finland are a shoe-in this year......

  2. The video was running a little slow when I watched it but I await the finish entry with great anticipation. Thanks for pointing them out.