12 April 2006


A piece of make-up puffery popped into my in box yesterday. The email from Maybelline New York caught my eye with their subject line "Jane, Get 16 hours of Luminous Color with New Superstay Lipcolor"

It then told me about the amazing "move-with-your-lips formula + ultra-conditioning balm holds it together for 16 incredible hours." I'm guessing if the hours are dull, the colour bogs off at about hour 10 to see if it can attach itself to someone more interesting.

Now I don't know about you but one of the problems I've never had with a lipstick is it cracking and not flexing with my lips. I checked with Becky and she's never had that "dontcha just hate it when you yawn and the lipstick stays in a big circle around your chops all day" feeling either.

In fact I'm willing to bet that for those of us who have worn lipstick, it has never been something we have worried about before. Keeping the ruddy stuff off our teeth, on our lips for longer than it takes to have a sip of G&T yes, but lumps of lipstick falling off - no.

There are some nice colours but I don't think I will be rushing out to buy.

Cosmetic companies work hard to invent new ways of getting us to buy more of their products, they tell us that we must bin anything older than six months for health reasons. However how many of us really do it that? I've got an eyeshadow trio set that I've been loving since 1998.

They make wild extragent claims that "This mascara, yes this one! it's the one that will pull all the boys (or girls) round your house in a love lorne manner. Not that one! no it's rubbish even if we did tell you that it would give you your fullest lashes ever"

Fact is - really we could have capsule makeup bags if we put our minds to it and would look good 365 days a year, but that would be slightly dull, wouldn't it?


  1. I sometimes get these make-up emails as well. Which is quite strange, as I don't wear make-up.

    Not as strange, however, as the conversation I once had with my mum, who mentioned all the viagra/big willy junk emails she'd been getting.

    That conversation was a Freudian nightmare, I can tell you!

  2. "I've got an eyeshadow trio set that I've been loving since 1998." - have to admit mine went all hard after 6 years - the Rimmell eyeshadow that is ( for the avoidance of doubt). So yours at 8yrs is doing Bl**dy well - must be better quality! ;)

  3. Hmmm, just had a second look and wondered if the model looked a bit like Kath?

  4. Billy - mmm very odd that! thing is I signed up for the maybelline one!
    Fortunately my Mum has never asked me about the big willy ones ;-0

    Rachel - Number 7 it was.

  5. And I thought No.7 was the cheaper range - guess cheaper can be better...

  6. Nah number 7 is more expensive than Rimmell... Well I think it is. For Boots it's 17 cheapest then Rimmell then their botanics range then No7. I have to say I haven't used Rimmell stuff for years found their compact face powder too "floury"

  7. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction Jane. No.17 it is, then. ;)

    I'm getting low on face powder if you've any suggestions. Then again maybe I need some help from an image consultant...