12 April 2006


Oh my goodness, I got a visit from Fermilab, I feel like I've been touched by greatness, shame it was because they were just flicking through rather than because of any insights I might have on particle physics (none).


  1. things like statcounter are great for seeing who's been visiting! I had Jon Ronson ( the writer and tv presenter ) visit my blog a few months back and someone from the Guardian also visited the other day, which made me hugely excited intill i realised that , like your visitor from Fermilab, they were just passing through..... oh well ;)

  2. what I really want to know is how do they FIND my site... it's not always obvious but it IS always intriguing.

  3. I have no idea who has found my blog - but I like the NeoCounter thing I installed. The Geoloc thing is cool too.