08 April 2006

God is in the iTunes Party Shuffle

Freiya has found that "ipods, as well as being useful music holders, can also act as oracles of the future using the magic that is the 'shuffle' function."

I've got a 2gig nano which is currently stuffed full of gems from Nick Cave, The Fall, Johnny Cash and Leonard Cohen so I've used the party shuffle facility instead.

1. How does the world see you? Just can't get enough by Depeche Mode - ah that's nice

2. Will I have a happy life? 24 Hour Party People by the Happy Mondays, well that could well be a yes if I discount the subsequent hangovers. It's a Top Tune as well,

3. How do my friends see me? Let me see, Fuck the People by the The Kills, oh.. Now either that means my friends secretly hate me or I secretly hate my friends or my friends think I am more than a bit weird

4. Do people secretly lust after me? Dizzy Miss Lizzy - The Beatles, that's a probably not.

5. How can I make myself happy? I Spy - Pulp. Ooh Err probably not the best idea people will think I'm a pervert or something. I went to Sheffield University, Pulp used to play at the Uni about once a term (this was before they became famous) I never saw them play, though I did manage to insult the lot of them by saying that their poster made them look bloody ugly in Bar One one evening and the whole of the band were sat in the next booth.

6. What should I do with my life? No Reply - The Buzzcocks. well that's helpful

7. Will I have children? Doctor Who Original Theme Delia Derbyshire. This is where it falls down! I've got this because I've got The Devil's Planet which features the music of my uncle by marriage Tristram Cary. I'm not a sad bunny honest.

8. What is some good advice for me? 24 Hours Joy Division - mmmm? 24 Hours what? Sleep? Partying? Joy Division are one of my favourites even if their songs are not a lot of laughs

9. How will I be remembered? The Creep Out - The Dandy Warhols. Hey Freiya I don't think I like this game anymore.

10. What is my signature Dance song? Cuddly Toy - The Monkees - don't think so somehow

11. What do I think my signature song is? The Power and The Glory - Spirtulized yep looks like I'm shaping up to be a crazed people hating wanna be megalomaniac

12. What does everyone else think my signature song is? It's a pity to say goodnight -Ella Fitzgerald. Bit of a party animal theme here

13. What song will play at my Funeral? One More Time - The Cure

14. What kind of men do I like? Sowing Seeds - The Jesus and Mary Chain (Fertile ones?!)

15. What will my day be like? - Send the Marines - Tom Lehrer. Erm busy I guess.

Well there you have it, a little bit woo a little bit wee, not entirely useful but a whole lotta fun.


  1. Hee! yours really made me smile! ( particularly the last one for some reason! ) and what fabulous taste in music you have too :)

  2. I'm only got an iPod mini...I am jealous. Your tune selection is something my husband would approve of. He's much nore of a music head than me and his tastes are quite eclectic like yours.

  3. LOL. I just got round to reading that properly. :)

  4. That is brilliant! I'm never going to need to use my 8-ball again.

  5. "I've got a 2gig nano which is currently stuffed full of gems from Nick Cave, The Fall, Johnny Cash and Leonard Cohen so I've used the party shuffle facility instead."

    I bet parties go with a bang round your place, Jane, with that jolly lot on the gramophone.

  6. Freiya - we aim to please, and you are too kind fortunately it ignored the more embarrasing bits.

    Em - I-pod minis are nice!

    Billy - Glad I could help

    Wyndham - Yeah, it could explain why I've been banned from "deejaying" when parties are held here at Sloth Towers.