02 April 2006


Flickr is great, really great, a lovely website, easy to use, generous allowance for the non paying users and value for money if you pay for the add ons. However some of its users are bottom feeding slime who obviously get off on the idea of inviting people to look at their p0rn collection. Got such an invite today, urgh. I've marked as may offend, emailed Flickr to report him as a spamming p0rn merchant and blocked him.

I've been using flickr for about 10 months now which I know is not a massively long period of time but my perception is that the there were far fewer creeps using Flickr before Yahoo bought the company. With the purchase the creeps have transfered over. I would be interested in hearing whether I am alone in that view.


  1. Quite odd, you are the only person I have heard of this happening to.

    Is it a big problem? Does it happen to paid-up types? (It has never happened to me, nothing ever happens to me. I must be boring.)

  2. i must admit, i've yet to have this happen to me as well, of course i expect that now i've mentioned this the fickle hand of fate will no doubt deal me with some porn spam for my flickr account!

  3. I think you may be right Jane. I hadn't put 2 and 2 together before but now you mention it, I've had a lot more invites to look at willys and things since it became more mainstream.

    But since I put a msg on my profile saying I'll bloke them the invites have virtually stopped.

    thanks for adding me to your blogroll, I'm most chuffed!

  4. Got to agree. Flickr really has got a lot more pervy since going mainstream.
    Good idea bout posting the "you will be blocked warning"

  5. Not had the invitations to view what turns out to be porn, but do get alot of contacts that have empty portfolios - like what's the point. Anyway, if they don't have any piccies I don't reciprocate. Sorry to hear you are starting to get thaqt sort of invite, and totally agree with your actions - everyone should do what you did if they have to suffer this sort of idiocy!