30 March 2006

More Tales From The Gents'

Back in July I regaled you with an email from our deputy building custodian about proper use of the loos. Well he has been forced to email us again.

From: Dep Building Custodian
Sent: 29 March 2006 09:38
To: All
Subject: Chewing Gum

Apologies to you ladies, this does not apply to you. Will whoever is spitting their chewing gum in the gents urinals please refrain from this odious habit. The cleaners are obviously fed up fishing these tasteless (pun intended) products out, by virtue of the mounting evidence in the downstairs gents.

If you must insist on chewing gum in the work place, please wrap it in tissue and dispose of it in one of the many bins around the pavilion. If you have trouble locating one of these, please look behind you, next time you visit the gents urinal.


Of course, please finish any processes before turning around. We aim to please.

Dep Building Custodian

'So unlike the homelife of our own dear Queen', as my Mum is wont to say when she is being sarcastic.


  1. > We aim to please

    Presumably, straight ahead and slightly down?

  2. I hope so Siobhan, but I've never felt the urge to check!