02 April 2006

The Only Way Is Up - The A10 then the A11, M11, Mile End Road

Went to Transmission last night with Becky. We had a miniature Transpocalyse bloggers meet as Connie and Tracy, Jo, and Clarissa were there too and we all ended up round a table discussing the merits of various blog templates.

Walking past Smithfield market in the rain, at silly o'clock in the morning was different; we went for a burger at milkshake bar after we left the club, although it was an interesting experience to see London in its full vibrancy I don't think the burger was worth the walk.

We packed a camera but never used it, but in the grand tradition of tranny nights out (and I'm not going to let the fact that I am actually a woman stop me) here's a picture of me before we went out.

Jane pre TX


  1. Jane, Have I expressed how much I like the layout of your blog page.
    I have posted a blog seeking information and advice.

  2. Jane, you always look so gorgeous in your photos!

  3. Jane you looked lovely as everand Tracy and I had a great time.
    And I discovered the joys of open toed sandals and the rain. Thank god I had some standby trainers in the car.

  4. Thanks all,

    Debbie, I apologise, working on reply now!

    Em - thanks it's mostly down to selective posting most pictures of me are deleted before they get off the camera.

    Connie - It was great to see you and Tracy again and you both looked stunning.

  5. It must be great to have a band of blogging friends. I am new to this, and whenever I ask my friends to check out my blog and post a comment, they send me an email. I give up.