25 February 2006


Scotland 18 - 12 England.

There will be dancing on the streets of Kinrossie tonight.

I am so relieved as we are going out for dinner tonight with Dave and his wife and if Scotland had have lost then I would have had a whole evening of stick from him. This way I can have a minor crow, perhaps mention that loosing is character developing etc. But not too smug ;-D.


  1. Ah, I wondered how long it would take or who'd be first out of you and Gillian. That's that answered then.

    Your lot played well and deserved the win... but we'll get that old trophy back next year. :-)

  2. Feel free to laugh at that, it gave me a good chuckle as well.

  3. I gather this is all about a soccer match, right? I'm using the word 'soccer' intentionally, to be the 'ugly American' that I probably am. Hearing of a game played with a round ball referred to as 'football' is sort of like hearing a foreign word with coincidental homophony with an English term...

  4. Is it just coincidence that the new England "soccer" away kit is launched today? Prompting ANOTHER round of "when we won the World Cup in '66" snippets... sheesh.

  5. Hiya Chixulub, nah this version of football is rugby football which is played with an oval ball and bears some simularity with your American Football in that the ball can be picked up and run with but there is no forward passing and the players don't wear much in the way of protection. Association Football - what you call soccer and most others just football thats the round ball game, unfortunately we haven't beaten the English in that game, when it counts for a wee while now.

    Gordon - I think there could well be a conspiracy here!

  6. Dave the Tiler27 February, 2006

    I wouldn't have crowed at all Jane. I think Scotland deserved the win despite playing ugly rugby....!;)

    Oh and I think we have got the Irish last match, so why do I get the feeling there will be reason for more Celtish celebrations :(